Bodywise personal training and especially the nutrition has changed my life than I could’ve possibly dreamed. They taught me everything I needed to know to achieve any goal I go to set. How to eat, what to eat, and when to eat are the most important things they taught me. It changed my lifestyle and went from weighing 265 lbs. to 183 lbs. which equates to 32% body fat to 9% body fat. We had weekly check ins and used specific measurable techniques to map my progress and make adjustments. The personal training, I receive with Ed and Suzanne is still to this day one of my all-time favorite things to do. They are amazing and great people who will give you the best exercises of your life. I’ve learned so much from the training that I can walk in any gym and get a great workout. I used to not enjoy working out now it’s one of the number one things I looks forward to every day. Before I started the training program I could hardly do push-ups now I can bench press, squat, and dead lift well over my own body weight in each exercise. If you want to lose weight, gain strength, and have an awesome physique for the rest of your life Bodywise personal training and nutrition is for you.

Sal Marino

5/5 Star Rating

I've been struggling for two and a half years because I have herniated discs in my neck. I didn't sleep well and gained a bunch of weight from not working out. I was constantly hurting and felt pretty hopeless. After seeing Ed and Suzanne, I felt so much better! For a long time I couldn't lift anything heavy and my shoulders constantly hurt but not anymore! They came up with creative ways to strengthen the muscles my doctors told me not to use. They also put me on a diet that is so reasonable, I can use it for the rest of my life! Even my doctors are impressed with the results! I strongly recommend these guys to anyone! Whether it's wanting to look good at the beach or struggling with an injury... these guys can help.

Kaeli S.

I stumbled on this gym and really enjoyed the vibe. I kicked it up a notch and signed up for some personal training sessions. Working out with Chase has really helped me hit my fitness goals. It keeps me consistent and on target. I've dropped 15 pounds since I started with him 3 months ago and hope to continue that trend in 2017.

Mark Roth

I've been coming to this gym for a couple of months and have learned a lot about not just exercising but also eating clean and everything that's behind fat loss and gaining muscle. Great trainers, they are all fit which helps when taking advice from them. I recommend this gym for anyone who is serious about being fit.

Luis Fuentes

I started with Suzanne as a scrawny senior cancer survivor. I`m proud to say, with personal training & nutritional guidance, I am now a beast! I have muscles and a butt and more energy than I have had in years. I am still cancer free and in the best shape ever. I would not be where I am without Suzanne & Ed. Thank you so much.

Paulette Brown

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